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Valentines Conversation Hearts Edible Crystal MonkGems™️
Valentines Conversation Hearts Edible Crystal MonkGems™️

Valentines Conversation Hearts Edible Crystal MonkGems™️

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Each order arrives in a 8 oz. package (wrapped so nicely, you could give it as a gift!), with approximately 8-10 candies of your selected flavor in assortment of red, pink, and purple, and individually wrapped for freshness.

The flavor profiles available are: Cherry, Lychee, Pineapple, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, Blueberry, Peach, Taro, Watermelon, Lavender, Passion Fruit, and Apple. 


These beauties are the SUGAR-FREE sister to the full sugar candy that is blowing up on TikTok! These jelly crystals are slightly crunchy on the outside, while nice and chewy on the inside – perfectly satisfying!

Kohakutou (ko-HA-ku-toe) literally means "amber sugar". It is a Japanese traditional candy, and has been made for about 400 years since the early Edo Period. The original recipe is primarily made with sugar and agar-agar, creating a crunchy crust around a jelly inner filling. 

Agar-agar is a powder-like substance produced from red algae. When agar-agar is combined with liquid (purified water in our case), it becomes thick and jelly-like, enabling the formation of these yummy crystal jellies. The sugar is what normally makes it crystallize.

But not anymore! After SO SO much trial and error, I have finally produced a formula using Monk Fruit (all natural sweetener) and erythritol (a naturally occurring sugar alcohol - will not send you to the bathroom like Maltitol will!) that replaces all the added sugar of the original recipe.  

These are so low in carb (1 net carb per serving for my low carb/keto eaters!) that you may not even have to bolus for them if you are on insulin therapy. Every one is different, and we recommend you follow the rules of your individual diabetes management to make that call.

All sugar-free crystal candies are handmade, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-safe.

💎 As each crystal is shaped by hand and all natural, each gem has its own individual style and shape and sometimes the color will vary from what you might see in the photos. They are lightly flavored with real fruits and tea - I do not use any artificial flavoring. 

📢 This product is labeled to local Los Angeles County and United States standards, but because it is made in a certified and licensed HOME KITCHEN, labeling may differ from similar products sold elsewhere in its ingredient and allergen warnings, Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about allergies before purchasing.


How to use and/or share them:

  • These sweet treats make the perfect gift if visiting friends, or for the holidays.
  • Makes for a beautiful, decorative element on cupcakes or cakes to avoid biting into hard rock candy. These are a great option if you enjoy keto or low carb baking!
  • They are great for tea time, and are often served as a part of tea ceremonies in Japan.
    (I suggest to enjoy each piece by itself so you don’t get all the flavors mixed up, making it harder to recognize the natural flavorings used. 
    Please keep in mind that these candies are made from all-natural teas, fruits, and other flavors instead of artificial ingredients, so flavoring is very light and sweet!

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